Monday, August 13, 2007

I can haz autosarcophagy

Since starting uni at Macq U a few years ago I've been passing this building on the bus up there. It's the Ed Gein Ella Bache beauty college somewhere on that big freeway thingy which has been under constant construction work for, like, forever.

I understand I am not the target audience (women who give a shit) but I cannot shake the feeling there is something rather wrong about their motto. They seem quite proud of it, including it on their website and all. So perhaps it is me. I know that in Hollywood and the like they have botox parties, perhaps it is also a fad amongst the Pretty People to have ... Epidermis Parties. In which you nibble on of exfoliate like so many bowls of peanut M&Ms.

I don't use any product other than soap and, while I don't feel any desire to eat my skin neither does it repel me. If I spill sweet lemon gelato on my forearm, I'll happily lap it up, unconcerned about the hygiene. Nontheless, I do not at all see how 'skin good enough to eat' is a persuasive slogan. "Skin good enough for some playful biting after a few wines." That's marketing genius. Is it a common fantasy though that people want their skins eaten? Like, devoured, chomped up and swallowed?

I do not get it at all.

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