Friday, January 04, 2008

Rubbing salt in to the wound....

< rant>
Funny thing happened to us on the way to Japan... we got a little letter when we came back home to say that it's been fun but the landlord called and wants her house back.

So... we desperately needed to find a house during possibly the dumbest time of year. Even getting a removalist this time of year was annoying. Oh and the garden is way out of control with the tropical weather. Anyway... we moved. We had to move on or before the 5th of Jan. And we have. We played ball.

So what's the big deal? Turns out that the real estate agent isn't even open to take our keys back.

Spoke to Fair Trade who pretty much gave me two options:
1. post the keys by secure mail
2. put the keys in to their drop box if they have one, timed and dated on the envelope, keeping a personal record of the details. Should they not have a drop box we might have to wait till monday to hand over the keys.

Whaddaya reckon I should do?

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