Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Knob Goblin Barbeque Team is Us

There is an Australian Kingdom of Loathing gathering meet next year and 'The Lemmings' KOL clan have volunteered to cook for a BBQ.

MzKrin just reminded me while I was Loathing and so I'm prodding you guys for some ideas of what to cook and what to wear, etc.

Eg clothing in-game - knob goblin pants, "kiss the knob" aprons, chef hats
Items - knob goblin tongs
Food - knob sausages, knob mushrooms, spooky shrom-kabobs, carob chunk cookies, white chocolate cookies, etc

And we are going to attempt to make an edible white chocolate and tomato pizza because we like a challenge....

So you loathers, past and present, ideas?

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