Wednesday, February 11, 2009

who's got the Flaming Sword of Righteousness?

because once they've finished meting out justice to the arsonists who started at least some of the devastation down in Victoria, they might like to get started on another bunch of arseholes -

Abortion laws to blame for bush fires?

"CTFM leader, Pastor Danny Nalliah said he would spearhead an effort to provide every assistance to devastated communities, although he was not surprised by the bush fires due to a dream he had last October relating to consequences of the abortion laws passed in Victoria.

He said these bushfires have come as a result of the incendiary abortion laws which decimate life in the womb. Besides providing material assistance, CTFM will commence a seven day prayer and fasting campaign for the nation of Australia tomorrow Wednesday the 11th February."

Fuck. Off. Now. Please.

let's just hope they fast themselves into non-existence.

edit: see also Hoyden's post from yesterday.

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