Friday, March 27, 2009

Quite Possibly the Cheesiest TV Show Ever

Indolent and unemployed as I am, I've had a bit of free time for catching up on old TV shows on Hulu (which I gather doesn't work outside the US yet - sorry.) So I caught up on the amusing if schlock fantasy Legend of the Seekerwatched a Battlestar Galactica with Coz (still haven't seen the last one - no spoilers please), and then used its built-in recommendation guide to ask it what else I should see. It recommended something called "Cleopatra 2525", and hey, it stars the delectable badarse Gina Torres so how bad could it be, right?

Oh my gods, this is the absolute cheesiest Craft special I have ever seen in a long dairy-based career of sci-fi geekdom. We're talking Ice Pirates squared material here. The first episode was indicatively named "Quest for Firepower". It has to be seen to be believed. (And it ran for a season and a half... a full season longer than Firefly got.) Its main selling point appears to be that Gina steals liberally from Kylie's lycra-eating-moth-infested wardrobe (So yes, obviously, I'll be watching them all. I'll let you know if the story continues to live up to the - whats the opposite of "promise"? - of the first episode.)

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