Saturday, July 25, 2009

speaking of bacon...

this is what happens when you stay up late playing FB apps.

Ken: bwain tired
Speedy: yah mine too
Speedy: need a new, juicy one
Ken: I find this game very tiring.
Ken: makes me want to sleep
Speedy: that's because it's stupidly repetitive
Speedy: they should have click and drag functions
Speedy: or just bigger fields
Ken: or an abattoir game
Speedy: HA
Speedy: have you looked? maybe there's a FB app just waiting for you
Speedy: My Little Slaughterhouse
Speedy: fruit?
Ken: sure
Ken: I mean I'm not... a fruit that is.
Ken: not that there's anything wrong with that
Speedy: ahahahahah.
Speedy: you're a cack
Speedy: you guys need to hang out with us more often. lawks.
Ken: I hang out all the time...
Speedy: except when you're cooking bacon
Ken: true. don't want bacon fat on my junk
Speedy: euw no
Speedy: still, I wonder, why not just an apron?
Ken: hmmmm.... the hospital gown look... nice
Speedy: surgical bacon cooking
Ken: novelty apron with boobies
Speedy: oh of course, must have boobies
Speedy: surgical gown with boobies
Ken: Awesome
Ken: I reckon there's a market there.
Speedy: problem is, if I found you one, Al would kill one or both of us
Ken: imagine waking up from surgery and seeing the surgeon with a pair of novelty breasts.
Speedy: or... going under anaesthetic looking at a surgeon with the same. which is better?
Speedy: now that I think of it... I'd like it better than a red nose, aka Robyn freaking Williams in Patch Adams. I'm sure he didn't get assaulted only because the kids were too sick. pick your audience well
Speedy: (not that I saw that movie. I don't think I needed to)
Ken: if you saw the shorts you probably saw the best bits.
Speedy: why, was he frying bacon?
Ken: not without his apron
Speedy: mit zer big boobies
Ken: New idea for a self help book.
Speedy: yes?
Ken: what colour is your bacon apron?
Speedy: LOL
Ken: brilliant!!!
Speedy: says more about me than my aura, that's for sure
Ken: or, I see your bacon apron has an aura
Ken: it's.... oily
Speedy: your bacon apron aura is more interesting than your own aura... what does that mean?
Speedy: it's kinda pink with crispy brown bits
Speedy: and it smells FANTASTIC
Ken: just so long as no one tries to clean your bacon apron aura
Speedy: what about edible auras?
Ken: hmmmmmmm bacon aura
Speedy: a sexy novelty
Speedy: edible bacon apron auras
Ken: crispy edible bacon auras
Speedy: or, just edible bacon aprons, what the hell
Speedy: cook your bacon, then eat it AND the apron!
Speedy: saves on shorts
Ken: brain storming has nothing on stupid storming.
Speedy: but don't forget to take a photo of your apron aura before you eat it
Ken: and then post it on youtube.
Speedy: I'm sure if you search for bacon apron aura photos on google, you'll find something
Ken: possibly.

Speedy: I love stupid storming. there's just not enough of it
Ken: my bacon aura has an image of the Virgin Mary and she tastes great too.
Speedy: OMG that's sacrilege
Speedy: that HAS to go on a t-shirt
Ken: if someone ate the virgin mary bacon aura would she still be a virgin?
Speedy: all teenage girls know that or*l s*x doesn't count
Speedy: and Mary was a teenage girl, so yes, she'd still be a virgin
Speedy: in that completely dodgy way of teenage logic
Speedy: god, now I want bacon.

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