Monday, January 18, 2010

Ripped off

The Australian Tax office Scam page has this one up, but the one they have offers 30% instead of the paltry 19% I'm being offered here. Bastards.

The Cut Off Taxes Program

The Cut Off Taxes Program (COTP)
If you want, from 01.15.2009 you can register for the The Cut Off Taxes Program (COTP).
This means you could get 19% back from all your 2009 taxes.

Remember to keep your receipt.

They will help you calculate your refund and you may be required to show them as proof of purchase.

Get register Now

* Online Tax Refund is so secure guarantee we`ll cover any losses it there`s ever any unauthorized use
of your account . In fact , we even guarantee that every payer will be paid on time or we will cover late
fees Payments are guaranteed as long as all payment information is entered correctly.

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