Friday, September 10, 2010

The drugs don't work

Few things more annoying (at the time) than cold and flu drugs that wake you up instead of putting you to sleep. It's only a cold yet I've had a day and a half off work already, sleeping on the lounge. Yesterday, despite having the 'good' drugs - the one the pharmacist makes you hand over your licence and first born for - the pseudoephidrine only made me feel sub par rather than bouncy. Today I'm almost back to normal with drug assistance (legal that is) but have cancelled the planned three hour stomp around a paddock tomorrow. Keeling over would not be a good look me thinks.

The non-pseud drugs, that I took earlier in the week before giving up my firstborn, were ineffective but interesting. I could sleep, sort of and by 10:30pm I had solved all the problems of the vampire fiction genre including do they sparkle or go up in flames in sunlight and how shapeshifting really works. Unfortunately I've forgotten it all so my end to all arguments book will remain unwritten and my fortune unsecured. Later that same night I also designed a system where for every one thing you owned, you would on ever need one other thing, ever. I can't remember exactly how this brilliant system to save waste worked either and anyway at about 4am I realised that it was completely open to rorting and would be horribly ineffective. I may still be able to sell it to Tony Abbott though if I can remember enough of it. I hope my need for cold and flu drugs wears off soon or otherwise the realisation each morning when I wake up that I haven't in fact solved world hunger or beauty pageants will be too depressing.

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