Friday, November 19, 2010


Here's a DVD worth getting out, though you'll probably all tell me that you saw it in 2000 when it came out in the theaters and what do I mean I'd never heard of it...


Its got Gérard Depardieu. Its got Tim Roth (being evil, though that really goes without saying.) Its got Uma Thurman (who is a space alien, but she is a rather pretty space alien.) And its got Louie XIV, so its chock full of French cooking and frock coats and spectacle. Any of you who have ever run an SCA feast should recognise moments of the behind-the-scenes chaos.

Its all about a moment in the life of François Vatel whos really quite an interesting character. Beautifully produced. And I thought the costumes looked pretty good too, though I know little to nothing about the period.

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