Thursday, January 26, 2006

Damn you dial-up internet

I haven't been lazy, honest, it's just all been too hard with dial-up internet! I have some great photos to post of Harry and LMH working hard, but I can't get them to load. I'll have to find somewhere convenient with broadband and burn them onto a CD etc etc so it could take a while. Just as a tantalising taste of what's in store I have pictures of-

Harry and LMH preparing the ground for some lemon trees
Throwing bombs (clods of dirt) at each other from their trenches (pier holes)
Wearing fetching red and purple numbers...

All bribes should be directed to my e-mail address. That's either to get me to post or not to post. BTW, lovely as the pashmina is (and I feel very Elle in it) it's not enough of a bribe to stop me posting the red and purple shot. The people have a right to know...

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