Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gathering A Shite Load Of Moss

Just when i was coping with the hordes of Royal Easter Show peeps, with thier road blockades, thier over sized pink fuzzy hats, thier shambling under a tonne of show bag crap. Well it just got worse.
I managed to find one of two remaining carparks in the Aquatic Centre and Gym, wondering why the crowds and cars had tripled and gotten alot, lot, lot older.
Then some one mentioned some band was playing at the Telstra Stadium...ahhh whateves i thought, she'll be right.
Leaving after my workout, it took me near 30 minutes to go what is normally 5 minutes.
Yes Amanda i'm looking at you and your ilk....i was trying to spot you within a sea of tight black jeans and tshirts with big tongues as they ambled past.
Hope it was a good show, next time go to China....

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