Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Well we went, we drank, we fought, we ate a lot of meat, we laughed and we got a whole lot of new "No shit! There we were..." stories.
There are a bunch of photos on my Flickr account- SCA set. (it starts from the end, but i'm sure you guys can work it out)
Here are a few for your perusal and pleasure.

Posing with our new toys, which were a hoot to use and even mostly effective.

For Battle- We had both types.

It wasn't all war. An army needs a balance diet of meat, eggs, chocolate and beer. None was lacking in our campsite. The most cunning clockwork spitjack made by Mr Tops/Corin and the Iron Chef doing strange things with eggs.

The children taking back thier fort from the Knights, was compared to 'Lord of the Flies' crossed with a Zerg rush. One of the funniest thing i have seen.

I could put photos up all day, but check the rest out on Flickr if you wish.

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