Thursday, June 07, 2007

Again with Japan from the LilSis

How can a plebiscite be shite?
When this is the modus operandi of local candidates:
Minivan? Check!
Lurid advertisements (see the 'Erection Party' photo in our photo site (forthcoming))? Check!
Mega-megaphone? Check!!
Startlingly strident woman with no shame about public disturbance? Check!!!
Alarm clock set to too friggin early? CHECK!

Sum total: 8am (or earlier if they're a bit desperate) wake up call from piercing voice of woman hired for her abrasive voal chords bellowing into mega-megaphone attached precariously to roof of minivan plastered with lurid ads doing blockies round the 'hood to entreat you to vote for the candidate of choice. Still don't see how this would capture the hearts and minds of the swinging voter. At worst at close
proximity. Weirdest (and slowest) chase scene ever experienced as J and I pedalled as fast as our one-speed wonders would permit, away from minivan intent on following us at deafening range, all the way to the station. Wished I knew "We're not even eligible to vote", but it's not in the phrasebooks...

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