Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sympathy cards suck

I should point out I've been shopping for them, not receiving them.

I have come to suspect that they are designed for people who lose elderly relatives, because they all seem to have a slight air of 'well it wasn't unexpected really' about them. I'm not sure whether I despise the 'there are no words' card which upon opening is filled with the worst drivel imaginable or the 'In sympathy - words by Helen Steiner Rice (written on the outside of the card)' more. The words by just seems to say "here are some pretty words to make you feel better, there there, I couldn't think of anything else".

Where are the words that express what you really feel, like in the words of a good friend of the bereaved husband "this is just the most fuckedest thing ever". Where are the cards that say "I don't know how to help you, but call anytime day or night", where is the honesty? How can I give someone a card saying I share their sorrow when they have just lost their wife and I'm still here and so is my husband? Why are sappy rhyming words supposed to take the pain away of losing your soul mate, friend, beloved relative? Whoever writes those fucking awful things should be shot. Of course the irony being that then someone would buy their loved ones a ridiculous card that means nothing, and it won't bring her back.

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