Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A recipe for dinner lunch?

[1] Mouse brought bought purchased Settlers and the expansion from Socrates at Rhodes.

When we were in Melbourne for Jake's wedding we visited Casa Iberica and brought bought purchased:

[2] New paella pan from Spain (deeper than the last one but made of mild steel, rather than stainless, and considerably cheaper).

[3] Drinking chocolate, made by Nestle but imported from Mexico.

[4] Chippotle chiles in a can, from Mexico (Jake introduced me to this smoky, spicy treat).

[5] Paella seasoning from Spain.

[6] Piri Piri sauce from Portugal.

So the plan, and as a bit of a homage to Rob and Coz, is to have Paella followed by Settlers of Catan. In deference to the wee ones we were thinking of a lunchtime affair, like turn up at 11:00, get fed by 12:00 and play some settlers.

I suspect there will be enough of us that we can do some child minding swaps while the games are on.

So, who's in?

P.S. You don't have to have kids to come along : )

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