Friday, October 05, 2007

This has got to be about the stupidest ad I've ever seen. So stupid, in fact, that I felt the need to share my pain with you, lucky listeners. Sure, its for an free on-line computer game, so its written by 14-year-olds for 14-year-olds, but still, lets recap the design meeting down at the playground:

"It should have a naked chick on it!"
"Yeah! With ENORMOUS titties!"
"And we can write 'Free to play' between her legs... *snicker*"
"But we still need a name for our game..."

I haven't looked at the game to see if its really as lame as the ad sets it up to be; somehow I'm not much interested in getting into the character - either way - of a multiplayer game based on someone dressed like a ho and nicknamed Nora of the Pox.

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