Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Hypogastric Joggle

Ten years ago, or thereabouts, I tried to build a micro helicopter after being inspired by a New Scientist article. After numerous attempts, I failed : (

Ten years later and you can now buy 15cm long RC helicopters for $17.50 online. Ah, the march of technology.

I've bought a few of these now and they're heaps of fun to fly. The latest in my collection is the Mosquito micro helicopter. I haven't flown it yet but I thought I had to share something from the manual that is written in that appalling Chinglish.

Googling 'hypogastric joggle' merely gives references to this manual so I still haven't a clue what a 'hypogastric joggle' is.

Anyway, I guess I'll figure it out after flying the heli a few times : )

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