Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What my boys got up to last Sunday

The Crankmaster J is learning stuff! The best thing, I think, about being a parent is watching them work stuff out and seeing the connections being made.

Last sunday night we were reading books before bed and we found a picture of a frog. I started singing 'Galumph went the little green frog'. I can't help myself. J immediately stood up and walked out of the room...

He went into the dining room and started crashing about with his blocks.

And returned with his frog block!

Now I'm sure that I've probably sung Galumph while waving this block about before. But I also know other stupid frog songs and sing those with this block too. When did this association of block and song happen? How often have I sung that song? I've no idea. But it's really totally cool that he wants to demonstrate his understanding.

I'm very chuffed with this new development and I'm eager to see more.

Now I did mention boys and so far have mentioned only one.

After baby bedtime, Mr Tops was bored and went to fly his helicopter in the park.... You know, the one with the hypogastric joggle.

Some time later he returns... No helicopter - it's stuck high in a pine tree. What would you do? Of course! Take out a bow and some arrows into the very public park in the middle of the night. I made him take a phone so he could call me when he got taken away by the police. And he took the worst bow, in case it all got confiscated - the 20pd yellow fiberglass one I found in the neighbour's bin one midsummer afternoon....

Apparently he didn't get the helicopter out of the tree.... Some random passerby fired the shot that got it out. So he took them for a beer and gave them an arrow that got broken during the retrieval process..... probably as proof that it all happened at all! I mean it's not everyday that one meets someone in a dark park firing arrows into a tree!

Or will this start a trend.......

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