Thursday, April 03, 2008

Happy Qing Ming Jie!

Well, it's tomorrow and probably works better in the northern hemisphere seeing as it's Spring Festival, but the public holiday tomorrow is Tomb Sweeping Day.

Today, however, is Access-to-Blogger-Without-A-Proxy-Server-Day, the Gods of internet access are smiling upon the populace and that's a pretty exciting thing when you've gone a little stir crazy, so I thought I should mark the occasion, I'm so happy I could... well... I dunno. DV suggested I go and get some scorpions onna stick and get them to spell out ForBattle! but who knows if I'll still have access by the time I get back. So instead, here's a shot of the scorpions onna stick I took yesterday.

Look at them, primed and ready to kill. You honestly expect me to eat that?

Right. I'm off to go fly a kite.

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