Thursday, June 26, 2008

While dredging through the spam filter...

One of my daily tasks is to check through the dodgy email and make sure that none of it is real. I'm often amused by the random two word subject lines of the spam. Some of them could be funky band names, or funky online monikers or just idea starters.

Here's a selection from the last week.

unwise blather
plagiarism existed
mudhole diabetes
banality thyroid
beachcomb whiffler
coastland pogroms
indulgences gateway
grimier brasier
encephalic workstation
scowls subsoiler
rental saponify
mumbled puckers
epidermal genocidal
writhes sanguineous
neighbourer legion
rusticate misspelling
comfy caramelised
obeisance floor
reviser packetising
valvular flogging
evolutions girlishly
sauce cougar
idealism sideshow
alewife multivariate
springtime gnash
adulterizes raptor
fleabite normalizes
changeling nonferrous
smudgy thrower
awoken precursor

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