Friday, November 07, 2008

Well Holandos

I guess this is goodbye. World Vision have written to say that you have left the program to purse further studies at another location. While I sincerely hope that this is true, I'm not sure that this is a step that many ten year olds would take. I suspect that the last time something happened in Haiti, it happened to you. But maybe you are still out there, and maybe one day you might google your name. So this is for you.

Holandos Misistre DOB 3/6/1998 in Haiti. When I first sponsored you in 2003 you weren't yet at school and your favourite game was soccer. You helped look after the animals that your mother raised and sold to support your family. Your dad had left the family and you didn't know where he was. Later I got another photo of you in your school uniform. Your ambition was to become a chauffeur and drive nice cars. I got a couple of drawings from you, and I sent back Christmas cards and birthday cards for you each year. But this year I didn't hear from you at all, and I didn't send the birthday card. I'm sorry if you missed it. If by chance you ever do read this, Holandos, know that there is a lady in Australia who is wondering how you are and hoping that life has treated you kindly. Goodbye Holandos.

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