Friday, December 05, 2008

Social skills and the SCA

Never the twain shall meet.

I just have to tell someone. Otherwise I will have to get out the flaming sword of (indignant) righteousness.

We just got an email from someone explaining to us why Yule bookings were down. They are? This is news to us.

She and her 10 newbies won't be attending because you can't have a Yule without a feast! Goodness! What were we thinking?

And it wasn't right that we wouldn't be having the Boar's Head and Wassail. Hmmm. So why did we order the pigs head from the butcher?

But she did mention that the event was 'wonderfully cheap' this year. But obviously not enough for her to give the event a go.

She seemed to think that she was doing us a favour for letting us know a week out what was the fatal flaw in our planning. As if having the date we were told to run the event clash with a combined 40th and a graduation party wasn't enough.

How is that sort of email helpful in any way?

It has just enraged us completely and I'm quite glad she has promised not to come (not that we had given her a moment's thought before this nor have we seen her in nearly 2 years).

I might be quite rude to her if she did....

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