Sunday, June 28, 2009

Photo Booth

Coz and I went to a gallery showing which was a fundraiser for Second Chance, the animal shelter where she works. Because it was a fundraiser for an animal shelter - and because this is Flagstaff - we assumed (correctly) that dogs were welcome, and took Darwin and Roo along. The exhibit on was kind of cool; the artist set up one of those automatic photo booths in a variety of places around town, and collected a whole bunch of the strips of photos, which he mounted in a strip all around the outside of the gallery. There were some fun photos in there, and it was kind of cool to see some of the groups and progressions, and guess where the booth may have been at the time. And of course, to make the whole thing properly recursive (or reflective, or self-referential, or whatever wank term I'd use if I were a true artiste...) he had the booth set up at the exhibit (and was donating half the proceeds to Second Chance, so don't be too hard on the guy.)

The obvious result of all of which is:

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takeshi007 said...

I guess those couple are animal lovers and I see on that Photobooth how they take care and love their pets. It is one of the best moment I've seen.