Friday, June 26, 2009

Swine Flu coming soon to a keyboard near me

Came back from lunch today to find a colleague telling us all that there was a confirmed case of Swine Flu in the organisation. Specifically on our floor. Specifically in the bank of desks just around the corner from us.

This is a hotdesking office, although it doesn't really need to be. I love the reaction so far. Instead of stating that we should all stop hotdesking to ensure the germs don't spread too far, which might be an easy and predictable management response, they have instead chosen to order us more screen and keyboard wipes.

Oh, and sent our manager around to tell us not to panic. I quote "there's no need to run around screaming and waving your arms in the air because someone's been confirmed with swine flu". (I promptly asked him if we could run around doing so for the fun of it, being the absurdist that I am. He said, yes, and smiled)

I like the understated nature of it all.

-I'd like you all to note that I have resisted the urge to rant about this 'pandemic', and the actions that have been taken so far. Brownie points please!

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