Thursday, September 10, 2009

Advertising Jesus

15 Christian churches are starting an advertising campaign designed to get people to come back to church.

Paul Harrison, a senior lecturer in consumer behaviour at Deakin University's Deakin Business School, said Christians should not place too much faith in an advertising campaign to convert non-believers or entice lapsed Christians back to church.

He said the subtle messages were likely to confuse and the churches would be better off putting money into understanding why people were turning away from them and what could be done in response.

But Dominic Steele, director of Christians in the Media, hopes it will have real resonance.

''They're a first invitation to a conversation about having a date with God or potentially starting a relationship.''

Drawbacks of having a relationship with God (according to me)
1. He always insists he is right
2. His friends always insist they are right
3. He thinks his book is the only one worth reading
4. He couldn't admit he got it wrong, he just made up new rules
5. Any signs you have to interpret yourself
6. He never calls, ever.
7. He can do what he likes and it's not covered by insurance
8. You can't hide and pretend you have to wash your hair because he is (apparently) omnipotent
9. He contradicts himself in his book constantly but won't admit it
10. All his friends think they can tell you what to do and who you can do it with

And another thought, I wonder how these very same christians would react if there were advertisements inviting people on a date with Allah?

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