Monday, September 28, 2009

Demolition party on Monday

In honour of the Queen, we are seeking to remove some unwanted palm trees, followed by beer drinking and souvlaki eating.

So if you aren't doing much on Monday, and want to help in the cause (to the Queen!), let us know so we can provide beer and meat-on-a-stick for those who can help. Oh and then we can give you the address if you don't already have it.

Likely things we will need are:
* Sledgehammers to carefully demolish the current wall.
* Wheel barrows to move stuff around.
* A chainsaw to carve up the bits.
* Some chisels to clean the bricks.
* A pick or mattock (we have one mattock but more would be good).
* Some kind of crowbar or similar.

The wall will need rebuilding again afterwards but I'm not sure that we'll get that excited about it on the day. Demolition and the ensuing cleanup will probably be enough work.

The plan is:
Sledge-hammer-wielding party goers arrive from 11am.
Gentle brick adjustments are made with said hammers.
Remove the current bricks and stack for reuse if possible.
Pull down the palm trees.
Cut them up and move them to the front of the house for a green waste collection.
Take care of the remaining dirt as well as possible.
Put up a temporary wall with star pickets and shadecloth (any got any spare??).
Open beer.
Burn meat.
Drink beer.
Eat charred meat.

Who is up for it?
Or let us know if you want to come around later for the BBQ portion of the Queen-palm-dichotomy-extravaganza!

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