Sunday, November 15, 2009

it's in your own interest...

if you love The Pink Drink(tm), we have to find a regular supply of Raspberry syrup or cordial. some of you may have noticed that today's effort wasn't quite as fully PINK as usual - I'm eking out the last of my supply.

I'm talking about the real deal, not just the radioactively bright stuff that makes all humans under 12 bounce off walls.

in my local area, Bickford's Raspberry Cordial stopped being stocked at least 2 years ago. it disappeared on their website, but I notice this evening that they now list a raspberry flavoured one. Schweppes, too, make a raspberry flavoured cordial. This Will Not Do.

I switched from Bickford's to Cascade Raspberry Syrup, but earlier this year it was discounted and discontinued at the local supermarkets and disappeared... I managed to snaffle a couple of big containers but the last one is under half full. sob.

of course we can make some, and I think I probably will just to see if I can and if it's worth doing, but in the meantime it'd be reassuring to know if anyone else can find either of these brands, or another genuinely scrummy syrup at a not too ridiculous price. both the brands advertised using Australian fruit, so I wonder if pricing themselves competitvely became too hard.

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