Monday, November 23, 2009

Origin of the Cool

Do you know what's cool?

(Don't knock yourself out here folks, because you know I'm going to give it away...)

When idiots make themselves look like idiots in public? No, that's just fuckin funny. But when idiots actually _try_ to be dickheads, and instead fail and do something awesome? Now that's cool.

Ray Comfort is an evangelical christian who fights the "good fight" against evolution, by pointing out that God designed us (well, us guys anyways) to all masturbate ferociously. No seriously; go back and watch the video in that link above. If I could make shite this funny up I'd have my own show on late-night TV. But I guess Ray was a little worried that he wasn't reaching enough of the young folks with his U-Tube-for-God banana bonanza, so he decided to stage a little stunt where he publishes a copy of Darwin's Origin of the Species, adds like 50 pages of creationist propaganda to the front, and hands them out for free at universities across the US.

Yep. Ray Comfort is so confident, that he's put 50 pages worth of mindless rant against thinking on the front of the towering achievement of 19th century science, and he actually expects to come out on top.

That is SO cool.

When I first heard about this I thought they were handing out some sort of critique, or parody. But no, supposedly the complete unedited Origin of the Species, handed out for free to uni students, and he's doing this to _further_ the cause of creationism. On purpose. Without having been tricked into it. Or bribed to join the other side*. (*that I know of.)

In the Special Note to his introduction, Comfort quotes Evelyn Beatrice Hall (without attribution; one can only assume he doesn't approve of women who can think) "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Well Ray, I'll defend your right to make my case any time. I won't even disapprove.

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