Monday, January 24, 2011


Hi everybody.
As most of you know we are coming out for Festy this year. Woot!. It's been 3 years. Crazy huh!
I thought I put this in a central place to help us get organized.

The vague plan is to fly in a few days before hand, go to festy then spend the rest of the time running around catching up with family and friends. We are planning on 3-4 weeks.

Questions and stuff-

We are happy to farm ourselves out to who ever will take us. Will bring our thermorests so floor space is all good.

Kate, Snowpea and Hal are planning to come as well. Yay! I'm assuming there will be enough campsite room for all of us.

I want to travel light so there are a few things I'm hoping we can borrow.

I'm planning on bring my Lemming landsknecht and one other costume. Can I borrow a tunic or two? Rob is thinking about bring his armor. He wants to know whether any other of you old buggers are planning on fighting? If not then he probably won't bother.
I would like to shoot arrows at people but not really stressed about it enough to get my gear together.

Feasting gear, tent, bedding. We gave our bows to someone...
Are we getting a communal tent, burners etc? If so, let us know what our share is.
Will work out food stuffs when we get there.... 5347 meat pies and 68221 lammos pleeze.

Last time we bought phones. I think we still have them...somewhere. If so, we will try and hook them back up. If not then we will either have buy them again or rent them and send them to one of you lot.
Can you email us your phone numbers, please.

Is there anything you want from here? Nice exchange rate at the mo.

I'm sure there are more issues. I don't want to leave everything to the last minute so we have more time chilling.

Very excited to be coming home.

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