Sunday, March 11, 2012


Welcome to ForBattle v.2.98

Hopefully comments will appear to everyone no matter how gibbous *such* a good word the moon is and no-one hates the template too much.
No, I have no idea why only comments from 2005 and today appear. Mystery!

Yes yes, all the side-bar links have gone.
If you want any of them back or have any suggestions for new ones, add them in (or let me know and I can)

If you want something changed, go forth and do it!

If you hate it all and want it to go back to the way it was (maybe you were one of the chosen people who the comments would show themselves to), invent a time machine.

Okay, just do that last thing anyway, because it would be cool.


Mousicles said...

Having comments that work reliably again is a good thing.

Possibly needs more red but I couldn't be arsed changing anything right now.

Thanks for fixing it.

anti ob said...

Its very... pink.

But hey, I can live with that. Though the red-on-grey in the comments bar is pretty unreadable on my machine. Show up ok for everyone else? Or shall I tweak it?

DV said...

Tweak please!

Change the colour scheme too while you're there.

Mousicles said...

I like the stripy! Well done whoever did that tweakage!

Primary colours get my vote!!!

DV said...

I maded the stripey happen. Found the setting that changed the background on a template and the side-bar colours.

DV said...

But really, if anyone wants a different look, go forth and tweak. Just don't forget about the time-machine

Dawn said...

I love the stripey!