Saturday, April 30, 2005

Ahhh Mother's Day

I'm celebrating Mother's Day a week early this year. So tomorrow morning I get to sleep in (again) D is reading this as I write and is currently violently disagreeing that I get to sleep in on MOTHER'S DAY. He's also making rude suggestions about what he should get on Father's Day. He gets to sleep in on Father's Day, obviously.

D has just said that Charlie is going to make my breakfast tomorrow morning as well. Mmmm, could be interesting. Fortunately chances are he'll eat most of it himself.

So for Mother's Day I bought myself a new pair of shoes. Mother's Day rocks.

I'm celebrating a week early this year because loveable D is not going to be here next weekend. That's right, he's spending Mother's Day with Matt and harry. So, since he has deserted me on one of the most important days of the year, I am passing my Mother's Day rights onto harry. So harry, Dave will be bringing you a cup of tea in bed on Sunday morning next week. You have a whole week to think up other things he could do, but he only has half a day because he's having lunch with his Mum. If he fails to do anything reasonable asked of him you are to cry, tell him he doesn't love you, remind him that you went through childbirth for him (since you are proxy me), and anything else that you deem effective.

All suggestions for things Dave could do on Mother's Day gladly accepted.

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