Friday, April 29, 2005

Suck it up

I watched the final of the Amazing Race last night. More in hope that the ditzy pair wouldn't win a million dollars than because I wanted anyone in particular to win. Either of the couples who came in first and second would have been fine by me.

What I did notice however, was how everyone from the beginning of the series had to turn up at the end to witness someone else winning. How much would that suck. Even worse, second and third place getters have to congratulate the people who have just pipped you for 1 million big ones, while you get squat. Diddly squat. You have to stand up there and say crap like - you guys were so amazing! We didn't think we could beat you (turns out we couldn't huh) and stuff like that. How much would you want to say - you undeserving maggots! You just got lucky in Cambodia when you got a taxi driver who knew where he was going, and you only got to his cab because you pushed us out of the way. I'm going to make your life a misery until you give up the million dollars to make me go away. Or something like that. Sour grapes anyone?


DestructoMeg said...

Maybe they are hoping for a sequel - where all the rest of the participants chase the winners round the world!

harry said...

I heard the compere/host dude. ['Host' makes it sound like he's carrying a parasitic life form] Series7 is in the States now.
Series8 is being planned and it for teams of four. They arte meant to be a 'family' with participants 8 years and older but one team member has to be 21years old.