Thursday, April 28, 2005

I'll just make myself comfy

Destructomeg has kindly invited me to crap on to my heart's content on her blog. So I will.

Saw Mr Creepy again today. If I knew how to do links I'd do one to crazybrave so you can see what I wrote about Mr Creepy yesterday. He pretended not to be the freaking creeping accept Jesus or die weirdo that he is, but I've got him sussed.

Other things I wish I'd said to Mr Creepy (when he invited me to come to god)
Only if you come to Satan with me. He's bigger and scarier and it will be better if there are two of us.

Sorry, despite being a geography teacher (true) I'm crap at geography (also true), how far is that, I only have an hour for lunch.

I don't go places with weird bearded men who acost me in the middle of Todd Mall.

I'm a Mormon (not true).

Why is it that the really good lines come to you much much later?


DestructoMeg said...

It's for everybody .... you know, for the people, by the people blah blah blah

Spread the good news... even Mr Creepy style!

Zoe said...

Mr Creepy is here.

Will send an email with linky love info. Welcome aboard, Mindy and Meg.

DestructoMeg said...

I had a good idea...

"I'm sorry, the terms of my prison release don't permit me to speak to anyone not approved by my case officer"