Sunday, January 14, 2007

Goodbye, and Thanks for All the Bumsex Jokes

Thats it. We're outta here. We're gone.

You guys sick of saying goodbye to us yet? Well too freakin bad; some things take awhile to do properly... and saying goodbye to you lot, like many of my projects, is something I intend to do half-arsed at best. Maybe even quarter-arsed. We could stretch this out for years.

The last couple of days have been brilliant, and could only really have been better if we'd been able to bend time to let us spend the whole time chatting one-on-one with everyone. I'm going to miss sitting around someones backyard with a beer crapping on about Midori Shots (tm) from a crossbow like you wouldn't believe. But we'll be back, and you'll hopefully be coming to visit, so it'll all be good.

Taking the Flaming Sword of Flatulence Jokes to the place where it'll do the most good, Be Seeing You, Ob and Coz.

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