Sunday, January 28, 2007

I don't know where she's gone...

...but she's not here any more.


Or maybe another name, if you knew her in one of her other 'incarnations', as she liked to call them.

Fiercely loyal, loving, caring and compassionate to her friends. Dismissive of buffoons and twonks. Lethal and/or crippling to those who had done wrong to her and those she loved. Hilarious, intelligent, bouncy, savage, political, mystical, intuitive, hard working, contemplative, reactionary, silly. Lover, amongst many things, of Tigger, hippos, computers, Tamana's North Indian Diner, hot pink, BDSM and any other number of fetishes, Monty Python, sherbert, The Goodies, and her mum. Hated hypocrisy and ignorance. Overcame more adversity in 39 years than most of us ever will in the rest of our lives put together, and did it with the loony sort of dignity that we loved.

Anyone got other photos? Forbattlers, edit this and add them, or send them to me. The one above is very recent (edited: by Renee, thanks for that), but I'd love to whack an SCA image up as well. Fliss has a lovely old one on Flickr but I wouldn't post it without permission (edited: thanks Fliss! see below). All of mine are in storage, and anyway, I gave the best photos that I took of her, to her. Bugger.

Circa 1993 (correct me if I'm wrong) - top row: Aveline, Speedy, Cozling;
middle row: Fliss and Lai; bottom: Mouse in the pregnancy armour.

Maybe if we leave a bag of Wizz Fizz and one of those freaky pink drinks (corn, ice and cocount shavings optional) on the kitchen sink, and pretend to go to sleep, maybe she'll leap out from behind the door and then we can nab her.


(meg, this photo rocks, thank you so much)

Vale Aveline.

We're thinking of you.

Postscript: a list of other tributes here.

Post-Postscript: details of Melbourne Funeral here. Sydney Memorial Service - Saturday 10th Febuary - to be posted here in the next few days and hopefully cross-posted with the Melbourne crew. expect more postscripts! I'll apologise now to fellow ForBattlers for any inconweenience, but as Snerg pointed out - everyone here loved Aveline too, so we're sure they don't mind the traffic :)

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