Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eurovision Semi final wrap up

By the time most people read this, the finals will have happened and the winner will be old news but I feel the need to comment on the semi's.

I can't say that I'm fabulous at picking the semi's but this year I must be more out of step with the voters than usual.

I think Andorra should have been in the finals. They were robbed!

And I don't see what was so good about the androgenous Serbian act. I also failed to see the charm of Hungary (the word is Insubstantial) or Slovenia (erky soprano)

Other stuff of note.
I thought DJ Bobo and the Swiss vampires were almost odd enough to win. But they didn't make it through to the finals - which was also odd.

Moldova - one word - pants!!!?!

But I did think Georgia, Turkey and Latvia were good choices. Belarus was a Bond theme song and the Bulgarian drums were cool.

Your views will probably differ hugely.

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