Monday, May 14, 2007

Free to a good home

I am in the process of trying to reduce the amount of stuff in my house. Specifically, we're trying to get rid of non-essential stuff so that we only have to deal with the essential stuff when making room for my brother and his friends to house-sit for us.

You lots can have dibs on this stuff before it all goes to St Vinnies.

Currently, trying to off load:
lots of comic books; Garfield, Hagar the Horrible, Footrot Flats, Wizard of Id and Asterix & Obelix.
Various children's literature and videos (yes, VHS)
Several lead-cast Dragons, still in bits. (Think Warhammer minitures.)

No doubt this list will grow - i have collected an amazing amount of things over the years.

Specifically, i am trying to give the dragons away cos they will be binned otherwise. So, you lovely nerds out there, do you know anyone, or anyone's child, who might be interested in making lead minitures, specifically dragons? Having failed to do anything about them myself in the last 20 years, i don't think another 20 years in my custody are going to do them any good.
I don't have the crib sheets for the models anymore, but it is fairly easy to work out.

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