Monday, July 16, 2007

Criminal Masterminds live in my area.

Sitting in the pub on Saturday night I discovered that my purse had been stolen out of my bag *sigh* What fun! So I call the bank to cancel my credit card and discover it's been used. FECK! Oh wait... just $24 at 7/11 and a $9 taxi fare. Phew! So we do all the official stuff and head off to see if my purse has been discarded anywhere (we found it and most of the contents at the taxi rank thank god), and decide to drop in at the 7/11.

"Oh I remember her. She bought two packets of Winfield Blue"

How embarrasment.
My credit card was stolen by a Bogan. A local Bogan (a $9 taxi fare doesn't get you very far!).

Total damage for the night
- ~$35 charge on credit card that I should get back. pffft, nothing really.
- $50 cash
- coin purse Dad gave me from Thailand
- hayfever meds (so totally a Bogan)
- a hangover (Hrothers, Mayela, Ailis, Helen, Snerg and I were the last people in the pub when we left at 3am. Totally hardcore)
- my pride. Winnie Blues, how embarrasment!

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