Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Robots in my eyes. My eyes, I tell you.

I thought I was in the wrong line when I saw some girls in it. But I guess that's equality for you.
'Transformers' has THE worst decryption scene EVER in a movie. You thought 'Hackers' was lame as lame as lame? Well, this scene will make you want to kill everyone in Hollywood. Again. As far as I can tell the only reason for the crypto-nerds to be involved is because the Australian one (who is a conventionally attractive and completely miscast woman) slept with the director. The protagonist is the sort of young man you want to slap in the face repeatedly. And the essential hot protagonist's dream girl was appropriately smoldering AND they made her some cool, kick arse stuff.
Other than that it was an awesome hardware-nerd fest. The weapons and stuff blowing up was exceptional. The Autobots swarming over the larger Deceptocons was very well done.

On the way in I saw a poster for 'Stardust' which is an adaption of the Neil Gaiman novel that I'm sure I've foistered upon a bunch of you. He wrote it as 'a fairytale for adults'. As luck would have it, it was the first trailer. It looks lush and exciting. A fairly high-powered cast too.

Harry Potter and the Order of Lenin or whatever looks totally FOR BATTLE!

I will see Diehard 4.0, no, not just 4, but 4.0. What is this? Three years ago?!?! I thought everyone got over that with the special edition of Xmen? No, apparently it is 3.0 years ago. Anyway, I think I'll see this film. Drunk.

Also for drunk viewing is Rushhour3 - I need my Jackie Chan fix. And the script sounds very playful, so I'll be able to chuckle through it like the embarrassing great-uncle at Christmas.

Robots are my guys.

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