Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Christmas Meme

With thanks to The Other Andrew.

Wrapping paper or gift bags?
Wrapping paper. Cheap and cheerful and I actually really like the ripping sound it makes. Also, you can't peek in and see what's in there easily.

Real tree or Artificial?
Artificial. It's just easier.

When do you put up the tree?
When I can be bothered getting it out of the garage, blowing all the dust off and putting it together. So far this year it's still in the garage.

When do you take the tree down?
December 26.

Do you like eggnog?
I've never tried it, but the fact that you can get it in a carton worries me.

Favorite gift received as a child?
A red pushbike.

Do you have a nativity scene?
No, that would be really hypocritical, and the cat would probably eat the baby Jesus.

Hardest person to buy for?

Easiest person to buy for?
The kids. The only problem is how to stop.

Mail or email Christmas cards?
I'm not even organised enough to email Xmas cards. Consider yourselves wished a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Worst Christmas gift you ever received?

Favorite Christmas Movie?
Bad Santa.

When do you start shopping for Christmas?
Usually about 4 weeks out. Then I get fed up with the crowds and buy everyone a book.

Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?
No, I don't think so.

Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
Baked meat, anything ham, Christmas pudding, the list is endless.

Clear lights or colored on the tree?
We have some coloured ones but they are too much of a cat and toddler magnet so usually we hide them.

Favorite Christmas song?
Little Drummer Boy by some rock band I can never remember. I think they also did "Old Time Rock and Roll".

Travel at Christmas or stay home?
Usually travel. Queensland this year, NZ the next. After that I'm planning to bugger off somewhere with just hubby and the kids.

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?
How many of them are there again. Um, Donner and Blitzen, Dasher and Dancer, someone and Prancer, Rudolph. Is that all of them?

Angel on the tree top or a star?
Badly made aluminium foil star.

Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?
Christmas morning. Unless it's bed linen (for toddlers, I ask you!)

Most annoying thing about this time of year?
Musak christmas carols. Closely followed by "Can I open a present yet? Can I open this one?"

Favorite ornament theme or color?
Whatever I can find in the garage.

Favorite for Christmas dinner?
Roast, vegies, plum pudding, ice cream, custard, pavlova. The whole eating far too much on a stinking hot day and sleeping it off all afternoon.

What do you want for Christmas this year?
A peaceful and safe drive to Qld and back.

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