Monday, December 17, 2007


Where is your mobile phone? desk
Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend? roaming free in my imagination
Your hair? clean and straight
Your mother? Life sucking demon from the nether regions of hell. Oh and fat, I forgot to say fat.
Your father? Bald
Your favourite item? Kinder Surprise Fireman's safe
Your dream last night? Long, involved and assisted by barbiturates
Your favourite drink? James' G&T
Your dream car? one that comes with a chauffeur
The room you are in? Office
Your ex? drunk
Your fear? dead children
What do you want to be in 10 years? On my country property, feeding my chooks
Who did you hang out with last night? G and AJ
What you’re not? tall
The last thing you did? made a cuppa
What are you wearing? heels (I'd hate my work mates to find out I'm not tall)
Your favourite book? To kill a mocking bird or Jane Eyre or any other droll read
Last thing you ate? Arrowroot biccy
Your life? A little on the dull side
Your mood? mild
Your friends? Absent
What are you thinking about right now? Xmas drinks in 5 minutes
Your car? Functioning
What are you doing at the moment? Waiting for drinkies to start
Your summer? pleasant
Your relationship status? On going
What is on your TV? Many remotes
When is the last time you laughed? Last night when G told me about the Santa at Frankston Myer who had a coronary and the child had to be pryed from his rigid arms. How much therapy is that kid gunna need?

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