Friday, May 23, 2008

Eurovision Semi 1

Well the first installment has just finished. Was anyone else watching? Anyone care?

Well if you do, here's a few comments from me.

Half of the acts from each semi will get through to the final so it's easy to pick most of the successful ones. I don't know if they plan it but most of the good acts seem to happen in the last third of the show every time....

Belgium has my vote for worst act so far. The lollipop hoop dress was nasty and the singing wasn't fabulous.

Poland got through to the finals but frankly I found the fake tan, the cleavage, the precarious dress and the teeth very disturbing.

Bosnia & Herzegovina are my favourites so far. The performance was something bizarely puppet show and the song wasn't bad either.

Finland was funky. The Fins like their metal music and quite frankly they have the language for it. I think now it's a pity that Lordi sang in English. I loved the drums too.

Russia was odd that they mixed barefoot and ice skating performers. Obviously they weren't standing on ice so it must have been some polymer ice substitute - got distracted trying to work that out. Interesting song. Nasty harmony.
Note- the weightlifter in the snippet before Russia had very tight pants, shall we say....

Dustin the Turkey from Ireland was a hoot but sadly not a hit with the voters. Dustin himself was a pathetic puppet but the staging with the dancers wearing huge feathers was great.

I could go on but I'll save energy for the next two nights....

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