Saturday, May 24, 2008

Eurovision Semi 2

Ho hum. Perhaps it all peaked too early. Am I over it already? One more night to go. Sadly with this new format we've already seen all but five of the 24 songs in the final.

It started well with Iceland but didn't really get much better from there.

The Pirates from Lativa were fun but probably not good enough to win.

The woman from Sweden was scary looking. Very scary, very wrong.

Croatia was odd but got big points from me when the bottle xylophone appeared and the old dude started scratching the gramophone. Quirky but not that good really.

I loved the background images from Albania. And that's probably an indication of how forgettable the song was.

I have a new worst song - Bulgaria. It has no idea what music style it was trying to use and kept swapping between them. "DJ, take me away" Please take them away.

Hard to say what will win. The ones I like a odd but not odd enough to win the popular vote. Greece will probably win for all I know.

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