Monday, May 19, 2008

We are all in grave danger...

of a John Farnham 'comeback' or 'farewell' tour. I'm sure Glen Wheatley has used his 10 months in gaol to plan his revenge, and now that he is housebound for 5 months what better way to wreak his horrible vengeance on us?

Seriously, was the release of a tax-dodger from gaol to home detention today enough for a commercial station to send a reporter to the gaol, a phalanx of photographers and reporters to follow his wife (and supposedly him) in their BMW the 240km to their home? Sunrise did a special cross this morning to a reporter who breathlessly reported that the car, with windows too dark to see through, left in the early hours of the morning and seemed to be headed to Glen Wheatley's home. There were more reporters waiting at his house. Is this really news?

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