Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Social Engagement in August

While we're on the topic of social engagements in August:

I'm turning 30, on the 30th, my champagne birthday. Come and help me celebrate with drinks at the Marly.
Also, it might be my last birthday in Australia for a while.
Also, also, I'm finishing my masters in November, so that can be part of the celebration.
Also, also, also, end of winter...
Do you need anymore reasons?

Details: 8pm onwards, Marlborough Hotel on the couches opposite the Prego bar. Cnr King St and Missenden Rd, Newtown.

I know this is a bit late for those of you with kids, and clashes with Tina's BBQ, but well, it's my party and I needed it to be simple and on the day (and I'll cry if I want to? No, wrong song).

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