Friday, August 29, 2008

Shift + i

Someone actually wrote this down as an excuse for not making a correction from 1 to the equivalent Roman numeral and faxed it to us as work:
'...we cannot correct the approval letter as requested as our keyboard does not have Roman numerals.'

Yes - they'd be the people looking out for public safety then....

Update: so the poor guy who got the fax called them up & explained how to get a Roman numeral (with a straight face). Half an hour passes....

The folks who couldn't figure out the Roman numerals now call back and claim that their computer must be different to ours because they can't get the little strokes at the top & bottom of the I! My guy chokes, splutters and then explains how to change from Ariel to Times New Roman font in a Word document.

I think my poor staff member needs an award for keeping it professional in the face of monumental stupidity.... Vodka should do nicely.

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