Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Room with a View

I have a pretty decent office in the new house, but as a relatively last-minute idea from Mike we added a balcony off the lounge room. It's brilliant. If the weather's half-decent I spend most mornings out there with the notebook and breakfast. I love the way the sky is constantly changing here, and at 7,000 feet with bugger-all smog its as blue as a blue thing with extra blue in. This is my first attempt at a series of photos taken from the same angle, looking out over my shoulder from my morning office.

I don't really like the framing, and the dark bits have a tendency to make the colours on the actual view wash out, but we don't have a tripod so you kinda get what resting the camera on the windowsill nets you. It should be fairly obvious that I'm not taking these at anything like a regular interval - just whenever I look up and happen to notice something new and wonderful floating by. There are a few better cloud shots from the same balcony over on my Flickr accountbut they're not taken from any consistent vantage point.

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