Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mindy 1, snotty little shit 0

I was at the local supermarket on Saturday night (I know, social butterfly me) waiting at the deli to buy 1/2 a chook for dinner. At this particular deli, it is usual to wait in front of the chook display if that's all you want. Then, the deli person can ask you what size chook, print out the label, bag the chook and you are done. Nothing strange about that.

So I'm waiting and the young bloke behind the counter, lets call him Snotty Little Shit (SLS) is serving someone else. So I'm watching the other person in the deli cleaning up the fish display and remembering back to the days when I used to work in a deli. I was wondering if they had a good boss, who allows you to start packing stuff up when it gets quiet about an hour before close, or a bad boss who won't let you touch anything but still expects everything to be clean and in the coolroom by 8.05pm. It was a quiet night, so I had no concerns about waiting to be served while the person cleaning got on with it.

So I'm still waiting and then I notice that SLS and the bloke he is serving looking at me. Then they confer briefly, then bloke being served (BBS) looks at his list, SLS gets something else, wraps it and hands it over, they both look at me, confer, BBS consults his list, etc etc. This happens about 5 times. By this stage I'm getting annoyed because I want to get home and get dinner started but I wait patiently. Finally after one last glance and conference, BBS moves off and I wait for SLS to come and get my chook for me. And I wait. Then I walk down the counter and he is putting something in the display. Hello? Do you serve customers you wanker, I didn't say.

"What do you want" SLS says, rudely. I almost, and should have, said Customer Service. But I was polite. "1/2 chicken please". I watch him print out the label, "No, one of the $4.99 ones thanks, with sundried tomato and basil".

SLS: We don't have any
Me: Yes you do (I've just wasted 10 fucking minutes of my life looking at them)
SLS: No that was an old special
Me: They are right here in the display, right behind the ticket that says $4.99 (voice rising) Would you like to come and have a look?
SLS: (sullenly) Oh I forgot they were there.
Me: (In my head, yeah right you %*&%^%#$@$)

Fruit and veg person: SLS (didn't hear his name) mark down all those ones to $2.50
SLS: Yeah, okay I'll do that.

So, not only did SLS have to serve me, he got told to give me a discount. When I saw BBS later on my rounds of the supermarket I gave him the glaring of his life until he looked away embarrassed. Bastard.

Moral of the story: if you don't like serving customers don't work in customer service. I'm considering having a t-shirt made up with this, just in case I ever run into him again.

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