Sunday, September 07, 2008

White chocolate and tomato madness

In preparation for the KoL BBQ next year, we had to experiment with the pizza. And we shared this unique experience with Meg and Snerg.

Here it is before cooking...

and after cooking...
Note - the white chocolate didn't melt. It just went a bit brown. Of course, topsy didn't realise that you could buy white chocolate chips from the baking section in the super market so he just bought a normal block of white chocolate and chopped it up.

And here's proof that we ate it.

It mostly didn't taste too bad. The chunks of white chocolate overpowered any flavour of tomato or oregano. Mostly. Now and then there was a weird void where the other two flavours rose up in revolt. And I do mean revolt. I struggled to finish the second piece....

And the bad news is.... Now that I look at the kolwiki again, it seems we need to use real slices of tomato and not just the passata.

So there has to be an experiment number 2 with proper white chocolate chips and real slices of tomato.

Are you prepared to try again?

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