Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The only problem

with sneaking a bikkie from the tea room at lunchtime is that you then have to make yourself a cup of tea and have another bikkie to go with it. Well, I mean, I suppose no one actually forced me. But you know what I mean. (visions of tea lady squads bursting through the door and holding you hostage with a teapot until you give in and accept a cuppa and an iced vo-vo. Actually, I haven't seen iced vo-vos in the shops for ages. I wonder if Kevin has bought the entire supply?)

For non-Australian readers (sorry Anti-ob you don't count cause you've probably eaten these) this is an Iced Vo-vo.

Piccy snicked from Wikipedia.

I've just learned, courtesy of Wikipedia, that all I have to do to get a shipping crate of these lovelies is to become Prime Minister and mention them in my election night victory speech. Bugger, every manperson and histheir dog will be doing this now.

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